How Fintech Loans Can Deceive You

I will give you Rs 1 lacs. You have to pay me 5% interest. Sounds like a good deal? I will add a few caveats. You must pay 5% interest upfront. Pay off the loan in 3 equal monthly installments of Rs 33,333 each. Is this a joke? No, it is not. This is the… Continue Reading

How Credit Card Refunds Are Adjusted?

Ever wondered how refunds from failed/reversal/refund transactions are adjusted to your credit card bills? You may think, since the transaction will eventually be reversed, the bank will not charge you for the transaction. You are right, but the timing of the reversal/refund may sometimes complicate things a bit for you. RBI has specified the adjustment… Continue Reading

What to Do if You Receive an Unsolicited Credit Card?

Have you ever received an unsolicited card? OR received a card that you applied for but now think that you shouldn’t have applied for this card. As per regulations, the banks are prohibited from issuing unsolicited cards and are required to seek consent from the customer before issuing a card. Reproducing an excerpt from RBI… Continue Reading