ICICI Bank Home Safe Plus — A Review

When it comes to financial planning, everyone wants to leave behind an asset for their families. Nobody wants to leave behind a liability. And when it comes to your house, you want to ensure that your family inherits your house and not your home loan. Repayment of a home loan is a long term activity.… Continue Reading

Do You Have These Insurance Plans in Your Portfolio?

Why do we purchase insurance? Well, the answer is simple. You purchase insurance to guard against the impact of a particular event on your family’s finances. That event could be death, illness, disability or damage to expensive belongings. You don’t insure your pen or clothes but you insure your car.  Why? This is because loss… Continue Reading

8 Things You Should Know Before Buying Life Insurance

Insurance is said to be the subject matter of solicitation. The insurance agent gets a commission for selling a policy. Some agents undertake to pay certain number of premiums out of their commission as an incentive for you to buy and also to incentivise to keep the policy alive. Insurance contract requires an offer, an… Continue Reading