Impress your website visitors and customers with an EMI calculator that instantly calculates the monthly payment on their home loan, personal loan or car loan. The mobile-friendly widget works well on desktops, tablets or phones; it adapts itself to the your website’s layout and user device’s screen size. It can fit in your website’s sidebar, can be embedded within the main content or can be on its own page.

Responsive EMI Calculator Widget
Responsive EMI Calculator Widget

Copy the code below and insert it into your webpage. If you face any issues, please leave a comment below with your query. We will try to assist you in integrating the widget on your website.

Mobile-friendly EMI Calculator Widget

<!-- EMI Calculator Widget START --><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><div id="ecww-widgetwrapper" style="min-width:250px;width:100%;"><div id="ecww-widget" style="position:relative;padding-top:0;padding-bottom:280px;height:0;overflow:hidden;"></div><div id="ecww-more" style="background:#333;font:normal 13px/1 Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, Sans-serif;padding:10px 0;color:#FFF;text-align:center;width:100%;clear:both;margin:0;clear:both;float:left;"><a style="background:#333;color:#FFF;text-decoration:none;border-bottom:1px dotted #ccc;" href="" title="Loan EMI Calculator" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a></div></div><!-- EMI Calculator Widget END -->


EMI Calculator – WordPress Plugin

Download WordPress plugin to insert EMI calculator in your post content or sidebar without editing your theme files. Upload the zip file and activate the plugin to use the below shortcode. Read plugin documentation for step-by-step instructions. Use the following shortcode:

[emicalc format=”mobile-friendly”][/emicalc]

64 responses to “Mobile-friendly EMI Calculator Widget

  1. I have taken loan 13.5 lacs in sep 2012 and I want to repay in April 2016 upto 3.4 lacs instead of tenure reduction i want to reduce my emi. currently i m paying 13700rs per month after repay what will be emi?

  2. Hi. I want to add this code in my site. but need to change “rs” symbol to “$”. Please tell me how can i change the symbol.

  3. Hi. I want to add this code in my site. but need to change “rs” symbol to “$”. Please tell me how can i change the symbol.

  4. When i used EMI calculator shortcode in my page then my header(menu) of that page is not visible. why it is so?

  5. Please I want to use it for my WordPress financial blog. Does it calculate fixed deposit interest rate?

  6. From where we can change the default Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Loan Tenure to use on our site. Please guide

  7. HI, i addedas a widget. But it is making my page into a boxed layout. Can you help me with that. Using on WordPress

  8. Hi, i want remove 25,00,000 default value from input box. How to remove it? I tried it from js also. but its not working. Please let me know if their is any other solution

  9. I want to insert Loan amount from wordpress Post Meta and insted of Intrest rate i want dropdown to select bank and i will set % for each bank in backend is it possible..

  10. haiii sir i have use your code but in that code i am trying to replace the principal loan amount to total interst but it doesn’t

  11. hi team, first of all thanks for coming up with this idea of calculation, this is a great tool to calculate EMI based on the inputs for a loan & its very helpful to me in tracking my progress, but at 1 point i am struck, if i want to close part of my loan by paying an amount to deduct from principle value whenever i can in between & recalculate the time taken to close the loan with the same EMI. it seems i could not do it with this, i am currently using an excel sheet for the calculation where in i am entering amounts to deduct from principle value in irregular periods (duration) & calculate the resultants.

  12. Nice work. and thanks but how can i remove prefix values and shows either zero or Please enter loan amount and rate etc?

  13. Thank you for the nice work.. Could you please confirm if we can add more than one amount in prepayment monthly (Home Loan EMI Calculator with Prepayments, Taxes & Insurance).. for eg: in year 2017 If I do a monthly prepay of 20,000 and in year 2018 if i want to prepay 30,000 per month.

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